Wedding Enhancements

From Subtle to Stunning

Discover the Magic of Wedding Enhancements

At Moments & Memories, wedding enhancements are crafted to transform your special day into an unforgettable experience. From the romantic glow of uplighting setting the mood to the dynamic flair of intelligent lighting, each element is designed to reflect the unique style and energy of your wedding.

Bride and groom dancing with sparks, cold sparks

Imagine sharing your first dance ‘on the clouds’, a dreamy experience that adds an ethereal touch to your celebration. The excitement escalates with cold sparks, creating spectacular, safe pyrotechnic displays.

Our photo booths capture the joy and spontaneity of your guests, providing lasting memories, while the personalized elegance of monogram projection adds a bespoke charm to your venue. Video displays offer a modern twist, showcasing your journey together or adding an interactive element to your event.

Each of these enhancements, and more, are carefully curated by Moments & Memories to ensure that your wedding is not just an event, but a mosaic of special moments and vivid memories. Every detail is tailored to create the wedding of your dreams!

See our popular wedding enhancements below!

Personalized Wedding Enhancements


Intelligent Lighting

Photo Booths

Dancing on the Clouds

Cold Sparks

Custom Monograms

Sparkler sendoff to complete the night

Sparkler Sendoff

M&m cake mapping

Cake Mapping