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Monogram projection adds a personalized and elegant touch to wedding venues, projecting the couple’s initials, names, or a bespoke design onto walls, floors, or ceilings. This unique feature not only personalizes the space, but also creates a visually captivating focal point, enhancing the ambiance and theme of the wedding.

Monograms are a popular choice for adding a personal touch to the celebration. We offer two styles of monograms: static and animated. But what’s the difference between a static monogram and an animated one? 

Simply put, a static monogram is a stationary design featuring the couple’s initials or names, while an animated monogram adds movement and visual interest through subtle animation effects. Whether it’s a gentle swirl or a sparkling twinkle, animated monograms bring an extra level of elegance and sophistication to wedding décor. Couples can choose the option that best suits their style and vision for their wedding day.

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Check out these examples of Monogram Projection that we have done.  Contact us today to speak with one of our lighting designers.

Monogram Projection in the Lehigh Valley

We collaborate with numerous esteemed venues throughout the Lehigh Valley area, where we are recognized as a preferred vendor.

If you are looking for Monogram options for your wedding, contact us today.

Some venues we have provided Monogram Projection at:

  • Blue Mountain Resort
  • Woodstone Country Club and Lodge
  • Hotel Bethlehem