Precision Sound &Coordination for Your Ceremony

Hear Every Moment, Feel Every Emotion!

The Sound of Love

Perfect Harmony for Your 'I Do's!

Ceremony Sound & Coordination is about ensuring every word, every note, and every moment of your wedding ceremony is heard and felt with crystal clarity. It’s the art of balancing the gentle strumming of a guitar with the heartfelt vows you exchange, the stirring words of the officiant with the subtle rustle of the bridal gown. 

This service is not just about providing impeccable sound quality; it’s about orchestrating the entire ceremony with precision and grace. From the moment your guests arrive to the final, joyous recessional, our expert team ensures that every aspect of your ceremony is seamlessly coordinated. 

The result is a harmonious and enchanting experience where every element, from the music to the microphone placements, is tuned to perfection, reflecting the profound beauty of your special day.

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Flawless Coordination

You Don't have to be an event-planning expert to pull off a polished, talked-about-for-a-lifetime wedding. You just need the right team to guide the day's dynamics.At Moments & Memories, we know that each decision leading up to your wedding is carefully considered with the hope that all final details will work in harmony to create a fabulous event.

We want you to be fully present in the moment - without worrying about the unexpected. It's our job to anticipate and resolve issues and minimize distractions. As a leader in wedding entertainment, M&M coordinates your full vendor team on your day - ensuring a seamless experience from the walk down the isle to the Grand Finale.

With communication and trust as the foundation of our service, we listen to your needs through the planning process and execute your vision with care and respect on your big day. You can count on us to be prepared, deliver on expectation, and shine fro your guests.

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Ceremony & Vows

The vow exchange. Your words come from your heart and might be softly spoken as you're overcome by a multitude of emotions. Maybe it's witnessing the glisten of your partner's eyes, feeling the weight of the rings between your hands, or a poignant verse from the officiant's reading that catches you off guard. Your voice may falter as you take it all in.

With a sparkle of M&M microphone magic, your guests will still hear every word of your spoken promises. Your ceremony is the critical, once-in-a-lifetime moment that brings together your family and friends. You can be confident your vows will be captured and preserved. With battery-powered systems and backups to our backups - we really have you covered.

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Cocktail Hour

With our orchestrating the scene, the cocktail hour isn't just the lull between the ceremony and reception. It's the full experience of it's own. A mood to set the mood.

Custom and curated music. No rules. It's whatever vibe you want for your guests. We provide endless possibilities fro that magical, suspended-in-time hour. You deserve to indulge in that time too! Connect, relax, and mingle with your guests as you feel the excitement build before your joyous entrance into the reception.

Check Out Our Stunning Reception Enhancements

In addition to stellar DJ entertainment, we’re here to amaze and entertain your guests with all the lighting effetcs, part favors, and surprises you can imagine. Here are some of our most popular enhancements:

  • Uplighting
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Photobooth
  • Monogram Projection
  • Cold Sparks
  • Dancing On The Clouds
  • Sparkler Send Off
  • Cake Mapping
  • Save The Date Videos
  • Digital Scrapbook