Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas

When you are planning a wedding ceremony, there are so many things to consider…

  • What colors will your wedding party will be wearing?
  • What kind of flowers will make up your bouquet?
  • Who will officiate?
  • What music will be playing as you walk down the aisle?

The songs that play during your ceremony are important, and should be meaningful for you and your significant other.

There is the PRELUDE music, which is the music that is playing in the background as your guests arrive to be seated.  This music sets the mood.

There is the PROCESSIONAL song that plays while your wedding party walks down the aisle.

There is the BRIDE’S PROCESSIONAL song, which is the song for you to walk down the aisle to.

Are you having a UNITY CEREMONY? It’s nice to have a meaningful instrumental song play at this time, or to have a vocalist sing a song.

Once you are married and the ceremony is over, it’s time for the kiss, and the RECESSIONAL song.

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